Governance / Contact

GOA-ON Exectutive Council
(as of January, 2016):

  Libby Jewett (US - NOAA)
  Bronte Tilbrook (Australia - CSIRO)

  Science Members:
  Richard Bellerby (PR China - East China Normal
     University and Norway - NIVA)

  Fei Chai (US - University of Maine)
  Chen-Tung Arthur Chen (Taiwan - National
     Sun Yet-Sen University)

  Minhan Dai (PR China - Xiamen University)
  Sam Dupont (Sweden - University of Gothenberg)
  Richard Feely (US - NOAA)
  Jeremy Mathis (US - NOAA)
  Jan Newton (US - University of Washington/IOOS)
  Benjamin Pfeil (Norway - University of Bergen)
  Christian Vargas (Chile - Universidad de

  Phillip Williamson (UK - UKOA/NERC)

  Program Representational Members:
  Albert Fischer (GOOS/IOC-UNESCO)
  David Osborn (IAEA/OA International Coordination

  Maciej Telszewski (IOCCP)
  Henrik Enevoldsen (IOC-UNESCO)

  Technical Architect
  Cathy Cosca (NOAA)

  Kirsten Isensee (IOC-UNESCO)
  Lina Hansson (OA International Coordination

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The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network is an integrated, international research effort closely linked with other international research programs. The diagram below documents the primary international entities responsible for coordination of GOA-ON activities.

GOA-ON Terms of Reference for Executive Council