Workshop Reports

The first workshop for the North American Ocean Acidification Hub was held 17-18 October 2018 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada hosted by the Hakai Institute. The report outlines goals, activities, and priorities of North American GOA-ON Hub.

The second in-person meeting of the GOA ON North American Ocean Acidification Hub was held 16-18 December 2019 at the Universidad del Mar, Huatulco, México, and was attended by 26 hub members from Canada, Mexico, and the United States. This workshop built upon the goals and initiatives established in the hub’s inaugural meeting in 2018.

Meeting Reports

The members meeting, held on 20 May 2021, was an opportunity to review where we are, where we are heading, what changes we may want to make, and what future directions we want to pursue over the next couple of years. This report includes updates from the Canada, USA, and Mexico regions.