Caribbean Ocean Acidification Hub

The OA Caribbean Hub was established in 2023 following a Caribbean OA Needs Based Assessment Survey. The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) has encouraged grass-roots formation of regional hubs to foster communities of practice for the efficient collection of comparable and geographically distributed data to assess ocean acidification and its effects, and to support adaptation tools such as model forecasts.

The OA Caribbean Hub welcomes members from the wider Caribbean region, including US Territories, yet excluding mainland US.

If you would like to become part of the OA Caribbean Regional Hub or steering committee, please contact the GOA-ON Secretariat: or click on the link below.

How to Join


  1. Grow involvement within the Caribbean ocean acidification community and promote activities within the hub.
  2. Encourage coordination of efforts and collaboration with organizations and projects involved in ocean acidification observations, impacts, and data delivery.
  3. Promote the awareness of OA Caribbean Hub to the public, policymakers and within the scientific community.
  4. Encourage national and international funding agencies to support the activities of the OA Caribbean Hub.

Caribbean OA Needs Based Assessment Survey

The formation of this hub was initiated following a Caribbean OA Needs Based Assessment Survey, which was created by a Caribbean OA Community of Practice in early 2023. This survey highlighted the needs within the region, including technical capacity, training, networking, and capacity building within the region. Survey respondents were from 25 nations; those who indicated interest in leadership positions of this hub met monthly to design the goals, scope, and direction of this hub, which ultimately became the steering committee of the OA Caribbean Hub.


  • Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith
    The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica
  • Amber Packard
    University of the Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands

Steering Committee

  • Sylvia Lander
    Dominica Bureau Of Standards-National Center of Testing Excellence, Dominica
  • Alain Munoz
    Cienfuegos Environment Studies Centre, Cuba
  • Julio Morell
    CARICOOS, Puerto Rico
  • Jair Valladarez
    University of Belize, Belize
  • Clayton Vondriska
    University of the Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands