Gulf of California


The Gulf of California (GC) is a unique among semicloses seas, with high physical dynamic (currents, mesoscale processes, coastal upwelling). The carbon system references were centered in a Grandes Islas region.

In 2016 began a research cruises with the Mexican Navy in (1) coastal upwelling in the north of Sinaloa, (2) Guaymas (Son), (3) Mulege and Bahía Concepción (BCS), (4) Mazatlán (Sin).

Ongoing projects

  • Monitoring of buoy (Coordinator: Leticia Espinosa)
  • Collaboration with Mexican Navy and UNAM on research cruises. Get funding!

We need to know

  • Influence of coastal processes on OA
  • The amount of anthropogenic CO2
  • Adaptation strategies by the biota

Mexican Central Tropical Pacific

Dr. Ramon Sosa, UCOL

What we know so far:

The pH is low ~ 7.5 near the surface and ΩA < 1 in March and April due to coastal upwelling, and DIC and pCO2 are high in Manzanillo bays. The ocean acts as a source of CO2. In other months of the year, the pH is high with values of 7.6 below 40 m depth, the ocean is a CO2 sink.

Off the coast of Colima, low values of pH ~ 7.6 are below 60 m depth. However, in the Mexican central tropical Pacific high pH values are observed in surface waters and of 7.7 between 100 and 200 m depth. In this region we have the OMZ.

Gulf of Tehuantepec

Lab. Dra. Cecilia Chapa, UMAR-Oaxaca

The Gulf of Tehuantepec (GOT) is a highly dynamic region, with the lowest pH and ΩAr values in mexican waters. pH values as low as 7.5 and ΩA<2 are found at 30m depth near the coast, and pH=7.7 at the surface (Tehuanos). pH at Huatulco Coral communities pH can reach 7.6.

Ongoing projects

  • Two projects for monitoring of ocean acidification and its effect on reef communities from the mexican south Pacific (Coordinator : Andrés López-Pérez) Huatulco and Veracruz (Coordinator: Cecilia Chapa-Balcorta). Timeseries and discrete samples.
  • Colaboration with the Mexican Navy on research cruises (discrete water samples).

What we don't know

  • The amount of anthropogenic CO2
  • The duration and intensity of sensitive species exposure to low pH
  • Influence of Coastal processes on OA
  • Adaptation strategies developed by the biota of this region

Ensenada Station

Dr. Ruben Lara Lara

Isla Natividad

Dr. Rodrigo Beas