South Asia Regional Hub on Ocean Acidification

The South Asia Regional Hub on Ocean Acidification (SAROA) was established to cover the countries surrounded by regional seas and oceans across South Asia. Oceans in South Asia are critical in sustaining livelihoods of millions of coastal communities and contributing to the GDP in countries across in the region. Participating countries include India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan and Oman. SAROA was established following encouragement and support from GOA-ON to promote the practice of collection of geographically distributed data on ocean acidification encompassing South Asian waters including from vulnerable yet ecologically important coastal biotopes such as mangroves, estuaries, salt marshes, lagoons and coral reefs. SAROA intends to promote the development of national hubs for effective monitoring of OA and carry out capacity building activities geared towards early career researchers following best practices laid out by GOA-ON. SAROA intends to work with policy organizations across South Asia for better management of coastal oceans and linked with blue economy.

How to Join


  1. Quantify the drivers of OA in regional seas and oceans of South Asia
  2. Understand the responses of biological communities in critically important coastal biotopes including mangroves and coral reefs which are widespread in South Asian waters
  3. Develop best practices through capacity building for robust collection of comparable and geographically distributed data from South Asia to assess ocean acidification including promotion of national hubs across the region
  4. Contribute to the global OA data pool coordinated by GOA-ON
  5. Assess consequences on coastal blue economy and develop adaptation strategies in light of OA in coastal oceans of South Asia

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Punyasloke Bhadury
    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research