GOA-ON Recent Activities
Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network

1st Latin-American Ocean Acidification Symposium, Buenos Aires, 24 to 26 October, 2017

The symposium will convoke researchers, students, government and industries representatives from Latin America, and is open to the global community interested in acquiring a regional and global knowledge about the impacts of ocean acidification on marine resources and ecosystems in Latin-America. This 1st symposium will be an opportunity for participants to share their research results and to explore new opportunities of collaborative research in the region.
Main themes include:
  • Ocean acidification Observing systems and tools for ocean acidification research in past, present and the future
  • Modelling and regional projections on ocean acidification, marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems
  • Physiological and ecological effects of ocean acidification: from organisms to ecosystems
  • Human dimension of the ocean acidification
The main sponsors for this events are:
  • Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC / IAEA), Monaco,
  • National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Ministry of Sciences, technology and productive innovation, Argentina,
  • Centre for the study of Multiple Drivers on Marine Socio-Ecological Systems (MUSELS), Ministry of Economy, Chile, and the
  • Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO), Ministry of Economy, Chile

The Ocean Conference: 5-9 June, 2017 at the United Nations

The UN hosted a conference this June in New York focused on implementing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14, which is centered on marine sustainability. Of particular interest to the ocean acidification community is the SDG target 14.3: "Minimize and address the impacts of ocean acidification, including through enhanced scientific cooperation at all levels." In preparation for this conference an online discussion was held on 31 March, moderated by several members of the GOA-ON Executive Council. As a result of strong international participation in that discussion, a number of important issues were raised, including the need for additional research, education, outreach, and capacity building.

Ocean Conference

OA Africa

Ocean Acidification Day: June 8, 2017

The OA-Africa network led an African "Ocean Acidification Day" on World Oceans Day (June 8, 2017), encouraging scientists from all over Africa and around the world to join forces to measure pH at the same time, following the indicator of SDG 14.3: "Average marine acidity (pH) measured at agreed suite of representative sampling stations."

GOA-ON Executive Council meeting 25-27 April 2017.

The Executive Council conducted their annual meeting at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris between 25-27 April 2017. Major issues discussed include the potential for a hosted GOA-ON secretariat, the plan for developing a GOA-ON implementation strategy including how to integrate the exciting work happening within the regional networks, ongoing global and regional efforts to enhance OA data collection and sharing, and opportunities for GOA-ON to engage with other international initiatives.

IAEA Workshop
Coordination Meeting on Standardized Methodology and Networking in Vienna (April 2017).

To build awareness of ocean acidification and to encourage collaboration between Member States on this topic, the IAEA held a meeting in Vienna, Austria, from 10 to 12 April. Scientists from twenty-seven countries and territories attended the meeting. The meeting aimed to allow counterparts to present their work, capacities and needs, based on a questionnaire circulated earlier in the year. In addition, possibilities for regional and interregional collaboration were explored, and participants discussed data sharing and management efforts, as well as data synthesis products, gaps in capacity building, and possible outreach activities. Project work plans were adapted accordingly.

Ocean acidification monitoring and research in the Arabian Gulf (March 2017).

Dr. Saif Uddin, a Senior Research Scientist at KISR, participated in the OA-ICC training on "Best practices in ocean acidification research" held in Xiamen, China, in October 2015, where he first met Dr. Sam Dupont from the University of Gothenburg, one of the trainers. Together, they organized and taught a course in Kuwait in March 2017 for 15 scientists on best practices for chemical and biological ocean acidification research.
Kuwait workshop

Dakar workshop

In February 2017, concurrent training (13-16 Feb) and networking (14-16 Feb) sessions were held in Dakar, Senegal, to provide instruction on ocean acidification research techniques and to frame and further develop the OA-Africa network, respectively. Approximately 15 trainees, 20 network members, and 15 trainers/facilitators were in attendance. The workshop was run by Future Earth Coasts.